Understanding the Need for Human Mycotoxin Testing

The laboratory director of RealTime Laboratories talks about mycotoxin testing and why it may be required.

Carrollton, TX, July 17, 2017 – Tracing down the source of an illness is crucial in helping doctors find viable treatments to ease or eliminate patient symptoms. When certain illnesses, such as chronic fatigue and asthma, have no discernable source, mycotoxins may be at their root. Simple screening procedures that check for elevated mycotoxin levels may provide the information doctors need to treat conditions more effectively.

“Mycotoxins are poisonous molecules produced and released by molds and fungi into the environment,” explains Dr. Dennis Hooper, laboratory director at RealTime Laboratories. “Certain mycotoxins can have profound health implications for people if they are ingested, inhaled or absorbed into the body. Research has linked different mycotoxins to illnesses that range from common respiratory complaints, such as chronic sinusitis, to more dubious conditions like cancer.”

Mycotoxin contamination in humans often occurs when mold is allowed to grow unchecked in water-damaged buildings. While environmental inspectors will be able to assist with mitigating the structural concerns related to mold and water damage, human mycotoxin testing is beneficial to confirm or deny human contamination. Mycotoxin testing only requires a urine sample that is then set to a lab for analysis. The panel test takes about 10 working days to process with the results often proving eye-opening for patients and their healthcare providers.

“The specific protocols for addressing human mycotoxin contamination will depend on the type of mycotoxin found in a panel, its level and the symptoms that have presented,” says Dr. Hooper. “Understanding that mold poisons may be at the root of increased asthma symptoms, for example, can enable a doctor to devise a more comprehensive and potentially more effective treatment plan.”

When unexplained illnesses arise after exposure to water-damaged buildings, mycotoxins may be at the heart of complaints. Testing can pave the way for more effective diagnosis and treatment. To find out more about mycotoxin testing, visit RealTimeLab.com online.