Tips for Linking Mycotoxin Exposure to the Source

Carrollton, TX, May 17, 2017 — When exposure to mycotoxins produces health-related concerns, people may find themselves needing to track the source of their illness. Doing so may help them pursue available insurance compensation to cover medical costs. It may also prove critical for ensuring a mold-contaminated building is properly mitigated.
“When the source of illness is traced to mycotoxins, those affected should make it a priority to identify the root of the contamination,” says Dr. Dennis Hooper, laboratory director at RealTime Laboratories. “Doing so may prove critical for ensuring continued or repeat exposure does not occur. It may also help with getting landlords, property owners and/or employers to take on necessary mitigation to safely remove mold from the environment.”
Confirming the source of contamination will call for having a suspected location tested. Mold testing called Environmental Relative Moldiness Index testing and environmental mycotoxin testing should be performed. It the results show the same mycotoxins in the environment that were detected in a personal panel test, the source has likely been found and the connection made. Test results can then be submitted to employers, for example, to advocate for worker’s compensation coverage if medical expenses have been incurred. The same results may also encourage a property owner to work with an environmental inspector to mitigate mold in the environment.
“Certain mycotoxins have been confirmed through well-documented laboratory studies to cause damage on the cellular level in humans,” says Dr. Hooper. “Identifying the source of this type of poisoning is crucial for preventing further exposure while opening the door for mitigation to occur.”
If exposure has occurred in a personally owned property, it is still critical to confirm mold presence. Working with an environmental inspector can be important for restoring the property to safe condition.
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About RealTime Laboratories Inc
RealTime Labs (RTL) is the only clinical laboratory certified by CAP and CLIA to perform mycotoxin testing on humans. The test uses human urine and we perform an ELISA test to determine the presence or absence of 15 of the most toxic mycotoxins. The tests are generally ordered and given to the patient during an office visit. To date, more than 100,000 tests have been performed and our provider base is over 2000 physicians.