Mycotoxin Testing: What’s Involved

Carrollton, TX, May 17, 2017 — It’s not uncommon for people to become concerned about potential negative health effects when mold contamination is evident in indoor spaces. After all, some molds have been linked to serious and potentially fatal health concerns. That is why mycotoxin testing can be so important if exposure is suspected.
Mycotoxins are toxins produced by mold and fungi. Depending entirely on the mold exposure involved, the dangers posed by mycotoxins on humans range from no danger to potentially fatal. Testing provides a way to determine if exposure has led to human contamination. It may also alleviate contamination-related concerns entirely.
“Testing for mycotoxins is simple, fast, safe and painless,” says Dr. Dennis Hooper, laboratory director at RealTime Laboratories. “A mycotoxin test panel that seeks out exposure to 15 of the most toxic mycotoxins produced by molds found in indoor environments can provide healthcare providers and patients crucial information they need to make informed decisions. Test results may, for example, help guide patient care and could identify the need for testing and decontamination in the affected indoor environment where exposure is suspected to have occurred. Depending on the mold type and mycotoxins found in the results, the knowledge could help stave off potentially serious illness by promoting property treatment and decontamination.”
When mycotoxin exposure is suspected or evident based on symptoms or known exposure, a urine panel test can provide the information doctors and patients need to act. Panel tests may be ordered by physicians. In some states, it is possible for patients concerned about exposure to order test kits for laboratory processing on their own. Results generally take about 10 business days to come back after a lab receives samples.
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