Mold Contamination at Home Demands Fast Action

Carrollton, TX, May 17, 2017 — Anyone who has walked into a bathroom that has a musty, mildew odor has likely been exposed to mold or fungi. While not every mold that grows inside a home is associated with serious health concerns, many are. That is precisely why it can be important to follow a multi-step plan of attack at the first whiff of trouble.
“Mold growth is strongly associated with areas of water damage found inside homes or other structures,” says Dr. Dennis Hooper, laboratory director at RealTime Laboratories. “Mold becomes a problem if the strain found inside a home is capable of producing harmful mycotoxins. These poisonous molecules are associated with such conditions as chronic fatigue, kidney toxicity, respiratory complaints and even some forms of cancer.”
To safeguard health and protect property from further contamination when mold growth is suspected by that whiff test or is visually evidenced, it can be important to take these steps:
• Contact an environmental inspector – These professionals can help identify and mitigate mold found in indoor spaces. They may order a test known as the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index to determine the type of mold spores found in a building. Mycotoxin testing may also be requested at this time.
• Get tested personally – Mycotoxin panel tests can determine if a person has been contaminated by potentially harmful molecules through inhalation, ingestion or skin contact. The best panel tests check for 15 of the most commonly found mycotoxins in home-based molds.
• Follow through with the results – If an environmental inspection reveals concerns, follow through on the mitigation advice offered. Removing damaged materials, such as drywall, may be recommended to help eliminate mold. Fixing the source of the water damage will also be a must. Professionals with the right equipment to safeguard against mold and mycotoxin exposure should perform this work. Also, be sure to follow up on personal mycotoxin test results. If exposure is confirmed, check with a healthcare provider for next steps.
“When mold and mycotoxins are found in a home, it is important to follow through on all mitigation recommendations,” stresses Dr. Hooper. “Doing so can safeguard human health while also preventing a home from suffering further damage.”
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About RealTime Laboratories Inc.
RealTime Labs (RTL) is the only clinical laboratory certified by CAP and CLIA to perform mycotoxin testing on humans. The test uses human urine and we perform an ELISA test to determine the presence or absence of 15 of the most toxic mycotoxins. The tests are generally ordered and given to the patient during an office visit. To date, more than 100,000 tests have been performed and our provider base is over 2000 physicians.