Mold and Mycotoxins: Impacts They May Have on Health

Carrollton, TX, May 17, 2017 — Most people are familiar with black mold and the impacts it may have on human health. What they may not realize is that the potential conditions associated with mold exposure go well beyond those publicized in connection with black mold.
“Mycotoxins are small molecules that are produced by toxigenic mold strains commonly found in homes and buildings that have suffered water damage,” explains Dr. Dennis Hooper, laboratory director at RealTime Laboratories. “These toxic molecules can enter the human body through inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. When mycotoxins capable of harming humans are involved in exposure, they may promote the development of chronic conditions or potentially life-threatening acute illnesses.”
The exact impacts mycotoxins may have on a person will vary based upon the type of molecule involved in the exposure and the level of contamination evidenced, as well as other factors. Some of the health conditions and concerns mycotoxins have been associated with include neurotoxicity, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, some forms of cancer, acute pulmonary hemorrhage and aplastic anemia, as well as other concerns.
“Exposure to harmful mycotoxins may cause a number of problems in human cell function,” says Dr. Hooper. “The effects are well-documented in laboratory studies. Presence of harmful mycotoxins in the body does indicate a need for those exposed to seek out medical advice.”
When exposure to mycotoxins is the suspected cause of illness, confirmation of contamination may lead to more effective treatments. If contamination is suspected without symptoms present, mycotoxin screening panels may help affected individuals avoid further exposure while potentially lowering risks for the development of associated health conditions.
“Mold is a perfectly natural organism found in the environment,” says Dr. Hooper. “When it develops in indoor spaces, however, the mycotoxins produced can create serious health concerns. If contamination is suspected, testing can provide patients and their doctors with critical information to safeguard health.”
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About RealTime Laboratories Inc.
RealTime Labs (RTL) is the only clinical laboratory certified by CAP and CLIA to perform mycotoxin testing on humans. The test uses human urine and we perform an ELISA test to determine the presence or absence of 15 of the most toxic mycotoxins. The tests are generally ordered and given to the patient during an office visit. To date, more than 100,000 tests have been performed and our provider base is over 2000 physicians.