Attend our two (2) part, no charge, December Webinar. Click the link to register.

Module 1. December 12th, 12:00-12:50pm EST.

Module 2. December 15th, 12:30-1:20pm EST

Preferred customer benefits include:

  1. Certificate of Completion
  2. 2 hours continuing education for ACAC certification
  3. Inclusion on RealTime Lab web site
  4. One no-charge Mycotoxin Test
  5. Preferred referrals


  1. What are Mycotoxins?
  2. Why are they hazardous?
  3. What are some of the health effects of exposure to mycotoxins?
  4. What is the RTL Mycotoxin Test?
  5. How are results presented and interpreted?
  6. What samples do I need to collect?
  7. Putting it all together. Case study by Certified Mold Inspection
  8. What is the EMMA Test?
  9. How is it different from ERMI and HERTSMI-2?
  10. How to sell the Mycotoxin test?
  11. What support and collateral do we have?
  12. What is on our website