Patient Navigator

This expert registered nurse can help with insurance submission, sample collection, questions about mold and Mycotoxins and referrals to mold inspectors and doctors.
855-MYCO-SOS (855-692-6767)

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Insurance Information

RTL is an out of network laboratory but will electronically file a reimbursement claim with the patient’s insurance company for an additional $30 fee.

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Order a Test

If you are a patient and believe that you may have been exposed to mycotoxins, or are suffering symptoms of mycotoxin exposure and wish to be tested, there may be two options to order the test.

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Environmental Mycotoxin Testing

What is an acceptable level of mycotoxin exposure for you and your family?

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What are mycotoxins? Why do you test for mycotoxins and not mold? Why can’t you test for mycotoxins and mold inside my body? Get the answers to commonly asked questions here.

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Is a loved one suffering?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Autism, Fibromyalgia Alzheimer’s, Systemic Lupus, Erythematosus, Celiac Disease: Mycotoxins produced by toxic mold have been associated with all of these conditions.

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Doing the mycotoxin test with the ERMI test has been incredibly helpful. Since both only show part of the picture (not all molds are tested for on the ERMI and not all mycotoxins are tested for in the mycotoxin panel) I get a better assessment of the building with both and reduce the false negatives.

Ann Shippy, MD

My positive test led to the right diagnosis, the right doctor and the right treatment. I can’t say my journey to wellness has been easy, but if I had not had a urine mycotoxin test through RealTime Lab, I truly feel that I would never have gotten the right treatment! I am so grateful to have my life back!”

Kirsten L.- Washington